Monday, April 26, 2010

HOW TO MAKE A Easy Dried Fruit Swag

Good day to all my wonderful Prim Friends! A BIG PRIM HUG!!!!!! Well since I have made these today I figured I would explain how to make these dandy liitle swags! You will need the following items!
1. 5 oranges
2. 5 apples
3. pinecones
4. Cinnimon sticks
5. Twine or string or raffia
First you need to bake the apples and oranges! You can do this several ways! The best way would be to cut the slizes into 1/2 inch slises and dip them in a bath of asorbic acid and water mix.Dry the slices off and then sprinkle some spices on them and bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees! If you just bake them without the dip its okay to! You just have to sprinkle them with spices of your choice and bake them for even longer thats all. Like 200 degrees for 5-6 hours! You need to crack the oven door so that your oven acts as a dehidrater. JUST WATCH THEM AND USE YOUR JUGEMENT AS TO WHEN THERE DONE! THEY MAKE YOUR HOME SMELL JUST WONDERFUL! Finally when they are all done baking in the oven you can string them just like the picture or you can do what I did and put one apple then tied a piece of homespun then one orange then homespun and so one! Just mess with the final product and you''l have created a wonderful masterpiece for you mantle or where ever! 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Primitive Summer Style Ornie (Cute)

Those are gonna be cute in my wooden bowl on the porch!!!! COME ON SUMMERTIME!!!!

15 Summer Style Secrets

Good morning to all my blogging friends. Boy! Today sure is a COLD one here! I'm pretty tied of these rising and falling temperatures! (i don't know about you!) I do believe I'm ready for summer! And with that said I put together a little article for you. So, lets get set for summertime & Entertaining with these tips and tricks!
Just relax-1. CHOOSE A CALM COLOR PALETTE. Use eye catching or calm colors and toss a bit of color for pizzazz!
2. ADD SOME PUNCH- Red toss pillows, burgandy primroses in a distressed white box and potted geraniums attached to an architectural piece contribute bursts of vibrance to the space. 3. PICK UP THE EXISTING PALETTE WITH SMALL AND LARGE ACCENTS- Like small candles on a table or whereever. 4. CREATE MORE USEFUL SPACE FOR PARTIES- Your stuff can be turned into party items a trunk like I have can offer an extra spot for guests to rest there drinks. 5. SPICE IT UP FOR THE FORTH- Feathered in a few patriotic elements that salute the season. Example, a Uncle Sam figurine, an americana picture or decor. 6. MAXIMIZE SPACE AND STYLE- A three-tiered shelf can act as a plant stand or as a spot for stashing supplies when you're entertaining. 7. CREATE A AMERICANA TABLESCAPE- Blue and white cushions. A vase with sand and beach grass? 8. AMP UP THE AMERICANA- Gear your look toward Independence Day! Bring in more red elements for the 4th. 9. FOLLOW A PATTERN- Gingham napkins are picnic-y and complement the minature flag in the centerpiece. 10. PLAYFULLY PERSONALIZE EACH PLACESETTING- Red sand pails with monogrammed toy shovels pop against white dishware! 11. GET SET FOR AFTER DARK- A candle chandelier. which is perfect for the outdoors because it requres no electricity. Use glass cups around the bace of each candle to collect the drippings from falling onto your table! 12. TOP YOUR TABLE- Finish off your tablescape with flag themed centerpiece such as a Coloinal-inspired accent. 13. RETHINK AND REPURPOSE- add character to the space! Cushions find a new purpose as accent pillows. 14. GO FOR GARDEN-INSPIRED ATTRACTIONS- A metel trellis can really bring a lot of texture and intrest to a wall, and you can hang just about anything on it! If its sheltered from the elements you can hang pictures on it or framed photos. Use a fabric ribbon or raffia as a hanger for a softer look! 15. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX-OR BASKET- "You can acually use a decorative waste basket as a planter." "you never know what you have around the house that can be used as a clever accent!"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

May's Prim Giveaway Is On Its Way!

I am getting ready for May's Prim giveaway and you could win! Directions to win are as follows!
1. Follow this blog
2. Add my blog to your blog page.
3. Leave a comment with your link so i can check. If you can't comment email me! That is fine! Good luck to all the drawling will be May 7th! I will have item up for grabs posted in a couple days! Good Luck To All Who Join!!!!

Insight in those old windows laying around

These are just a few of the designs you can do! If you think about it the possiblities are endless!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Another old window idea!

How cute is this! You can use the vinyl rub ons for this! And take your favorite photos down to your local copy store and turn it to black and white and their you go!!!!!

How to make Grubby popcorn looking candles?

Hello friends and welcome back to another day at the Oldespoonriverhomestead! I have been making different types of dipped,rolled and grungied candles for years and I have yet to come across a good popcorn looking candle, until yesterday! I have found that rolled in either sea salt or Epsom salt and rolled in candle wax makes these sweet little candles. I just love the texture!

Friday, April 23, 2010

How to make Colonial Sugar Cones

Making these is a pretty simple task but can be messy so prepare accordingly.   
Ingredients needed are as follows
8 cups of flour
2 cups of salt
2 cups of WARM water

Combine all of your ingredients in a mixing bowl and knead the dough until it is pliable. (You can add some essential oil or fragrance oil of your choice)! This part is optional but I use Cinnamon because of its long lasting and strong smell! When you are done with that step you need to cover it with Saran wrap or a air tight container and store it in the refrigerator over night! The next morning you can use the container or bottle or whatever you want to use as a mold and use it. (NOTE) use some oil on the inside of your container so not to get your dough stuck to your mold. Finally, shake out of your mold carefully and let dry for around 3-4 hours. To finish off your project and to give it that colonial look that so many peeps love! Try wrapping tea stained cheesecloth around the finished sugar cone and tieing it with jute cording! Walla! You made a Colonial Sugar Cone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cute idea for those white switch plates

If you like me i'm always thinking of something to do around here! lol! So, i think my upcoming project is to make switchplate covers! There are so many ideas out there but its eaither this for punched tin ones for me!

Happy Earth Day To My Prim Friends

Good morning and big prim hugs to all my primitive peeps! I'm ready to have a nice day out there and enjoy the reason this world is great! The earth and how buetiful it is! I'm attaching this picture of a window I recently did and I think its very EARTHY!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Primitive bathroom

4th of July is coming are you ready?

I just finished this cute decoration for the 4th! Its pretty simple to do! I used left over 4x4 posts and made this!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Penny Rug Ideas

I found these to ideas on the `web and had to post them to my blog! Penny Rugs! One of thses is a template for a lamp shade!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kids Bookcase

Hello today my prim friends! I wanted to post a little something for the people who have little kids and want to do something neat to that old dresser! Well I think this will do the trick! I seen this and fell in love! How creative is this.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Make your own primitive cloth rug

Want to make a simply primitive rug?
Well i have just the idea for you! Take a scrap piece of laminate flooring and flip that baby over to the back! Sounds funny! But, wait! Now give a 2 coats of primer and your top coat after that! Then stencil the pattern you want!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Primitive little blocks (EASY TO MAKE)

These are simple super easy if you want to make them! You need the following!
4 blocks of wood in various sizes
flat black spray paint
mustard color craft paint
cricket machine
Get on that cricket and make those templates, then paint away

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Homemade mailbox

Check out this little homemade mailbox! Its simply devine!

Olde Crow

Crows are another staple to primitive decorating!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is Sprug

Get outside and enjoy that nice air! When it comes to my primitive decorating I don't stop at the inside! I carry it on outdoor! I found this very neat birdhouse idea online. I thought to myself yep! I can do this! So, here it is another simple Prim idea for your prim garden!
Blessings Casey

Annie Vaccume Cover

Primitive Annie Vacume Cover!

These are so neat to me I have yet to buy one or make one but wow! How cool huh? I have a pretty snazzy little vac but not snazzy enough for me to keep it in the open! So, what a creative way to cover that eye sore! I will be doing one of these soon i do believe! Primitive blessings

BLACK....... Its the new cool

Isnt this just the most fresh look?I've done my share of research on this and my answer is FLAT BLACK!!!!! In a spray can, in a paint can! Anyway you look at it black can be a powerful primitive tool! All you need is the object you want to paint black a fine grit sanding tool or paper and some elbow greese! My chair railing is black in my home and it does look very sheek!

Free How to Cinnabun Recipe I found online

To Check this out go to:

Welcome Primitive Fans

Hi ya all!
Welcome to my blog! This site is new and under construction, but I hope to make this a wonderful site for all you country, primitive loving peeps!!!!