Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Wishing all of my Prim Pals a Happy New Year!!!! Be safe!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Giveaway Pick!!!!

Congratulations to Debbie K @ News from Goat Creek for winning my surprise giveaway!!!! I will get it sent out to you as soon as you email me your Addy. I hope everyone is staying warm and having a nice Holiday season!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thinking of a cute craft for kids...... Snowman soup recipe

I am Head room mom for my kids classes this year, and I thought it would be a cute idea to let them all make "Snowman Soup". I got these templates from another site that lets you get them for free!!!! Thank You So Much To Them!!!! They should be lots of fun, look it up on line "Snowman Soup".

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Its a surprize Giveaway!!! Sign ups begin today!!!!

Welcome Friends and new Friends!!!! I am offering a surprise giveaway starting today November 12th 2011. The giveaway will end with a name drawling on December 12th 2011. I will drawl the old fashioned way!!!! My son will pick a winning name out of the hat!!!! This is a Christmas themed giveaway.

Rules.....Must be a follower
Must leave a comment
For a extra chance to win tell me what your favorite Christmas memory is.
For a third entry join my sister blog (selling blog)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Everyone's invited to come!!!!

We are having a Christmas open house at my dear Prim Sista's house!!!! November 19th from 9a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Would love to see anyone who can make it to illinois Mason City!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Saturday, November 5, 2011

****Giveaway**** She knows the true meaning of Christmas!!!!

Hello to all my blogging pals!!!! I ran across a wonderful blog!!!! Kim at Old Road primitives is having such a generous giveaway. That's why I said she knows the true meaning of Christmas. (To give and not receive)!!!! Her crafts are amazing and the giveaway is outstanding!!!! My daughter loves mice and fell in love!!!! She has 7 pet mice that get babied and now she wants the decoration lol!!!! WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?????? GO CHECK HER OUT!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My little tricker Treaters!!!!

 Hello I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween!!!! We had an amazing night! This was the first Halloween that my little guy really got into it!!!! He didn't have a problem with going up to the houses and opening that little bag! Couldn't tell then "trick or treat", but he did tell then "Tink You".....LOL.... My daughters Brooklyn and Brianna were Vampires and witches!!!! Brooklyn the Vampire kept tring to take a bite of Brianna the witch!!!! How funny is that!!!! I love Halloween, but I'm ready for Christmas!!!! Big prim Hugs Casey

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween To You All

Happy Halloween to all of you out there in blogland!!!! I hope its agood and safe one!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Friday, October 28, 2011

Candy Corn Cookie Tutorial and A awesome Blog

I was just looking at some new blogs and I ran across It had such an amazing tutorial on how to make these sweet little Sugar cookies I had to post about it!!!! So go on over and check her blog out and get a good new recipe!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm back!!!! Ready to climb back into blogland!!!!

Hello to all my Prim Pals! I got me a new labtop today so i'm back into my blogging. It has been a crazy 6 months of no computer! I miss all of you so very much! Please drop by and fill me inon whats going on in blogland!!!! Big prim Hugs Casey

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Ready for the 4th

Is anyone out there in blogland ready for the 4th? I am!!!! I was thinking of having a back yard movie night with fireworks and food!!!! Sounds like fun!!!! I'm thinking opening up the hot tub and having some drinks!!!! I just love the 4th!!!!
 Big Prim hugs Casey

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A touching post

I hope she don't mind me texting this but over at she has the most touching post about war and Memorials. It really touched my heart!!!! My grandpa fought in the Korean war and I am very very very very close to him!!!! So needless to say it brought tears to my eyes!!!! So if you get the chance go check it out.
        Big Prim Hugs Casey

My words of emotion....

Hello to all of my blogging friends. It seems like such a long time! I wouldn't be posting if it were not for a wonderful person in my life! Someone that inspires me and always amazes me!!!! Someone that I would do just about anything for. You know who you are and thank you!!!!  You know how they say things in life happen for a reason? Well I totally believe that! You get things taken away and you get given things back. Life can be a roller coaster of emotions!!!! But, I believe deeply that the best things in life are worth fighting for!!!! So to all my blogging friends if there is someone special in your life, tell them you love them,or show them you love them!!!! Family and good friends are hard to come by and when you get them hold tight and don't let go!!!! Believe in Destiny no matter if you get good or bad. You make life what you put into it.
    I have been crafting several Primitive decorations and redoing my house around to suit my 4th of July decorations. I came up with a cute idea for my Hutch I took a Military flag a real nice one and stretched it over the hutch and wound  white Christmas lights through it. It looks amazing I LOVE IT!!!! Well I will be doing alot more posting as long as I can round up my partner in crime!!!! lol
                          Big Prim Hugs Casey

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello Blogging Pals....

OK as you know my computer is on the Fritz! Gosh, Its really driving me crazy! I'm getting a new or used laptop I think and be back in business because no being able to blog is driving me crazy!!!!
 Big Prim Hugs Casey

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Its nice out and I'm loving it

hi to all my blogging friends out there!!!! I'm still having issues with my computer so once again i'm at my best friends house using her computer!!!! Come on laptop!!!! i have been loving these nice days!!!! Hope all is great with all my followers when I get up and running again I have alot of pictures to post!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A sweet Spring swap and a friendly hello

I was recently in a swap over at Char Sethman's http://thepickledPepperPatch She holds such wonderful Swaps!!!! My partner was Mellissa Hodnett over at She spoiled me and sent me the most wonderful goodies! thank you mellissa!!!! She sent me the jar and on it had it customed to say Olde Spoon river Homestead!!!! I loved everything so much!!!! We only had one little mishap my adorable little salt doughs got broken upon shipping!!!! :( those post office workers are so rough!!!! But i hot glued them now its all good!!!! I have not mailed hers out yet but boy now i have to make really do even better!!!! LOL!!!! I hope all is good out in our little small world of Prim Blogs!!!! I am still having computer problems but hoping to get a new computer soon!!!! Thanks for such a wonderful swap opportunity Char!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm still here..........

Sorry for the no posting and being away! I am still having trouble with blogger! I keep getting a cannot display webpage when I try to sign into blogger! No one seems to have a clue how to fix this? I'm posting from a friends house! Thanks Monica! I'm working hard on several swaps and contests here in Blogland!!!! Talk to you all later!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Big win and a Big Thank you!

First off, thank you to all of you who have signed up for my giveaway and who have been and became my followers! Its all about friends!!!! I want to announce the winner of my giveaway................
 And the winner of my giveaway is................. Linda from Parker's Paradise! Congratulations Linda on winning my 100 followers giveaway! You can Thank my daughter she reached in a box and pulled out your name!!!! She was so proud of herself!!!! If you would email me your name and Addy I will get this shipped out to you! Thanks for a wonderful Giveaway turnout ladies!!!!
Secondly, I would like to give a huge shout out to Brenda At Rusty Thimble!!!!!!!!!! I am excited to be the winner of your bunny giveaway! I for some reason cannot log into anything google related so I cant thank all the nice people who commented on my winning! So, thank you for telling me congrats ladies! Big Huggers!!!! I'm on a friends computer on my blog!!!! Its irritating the Internet works but not my blog! But anyway congratulations Linda!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Come get 10 extra enterys to my giveaway

Hello to all of you. I am in the mist of setting up a new selling blog with a wonderful Prim Crafter! She does not have a blog yet but I'm gonna help with that! If you hop on over to this link and become a follower I will enter you 10 more times into my giveaway! I will then put a #10 by your name so I know your following our selling blog. We don't have any posts yet because its under construction but we will in the next day or so!!!! Thank you for all your support!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making the best out of all this snow

Hello to all my blogging pals. Boy o' Boy we sure got pelted with a ton of snow! Even Thunder Snow! We live in IL and right in the heart of this storm we were!!!! I've never seen anything like it!!!! So, my children and I were making the best out of this mess! We made our Snow Ice cream but, I didn't go with the recipe I posted the other day I went with one of PAULA DEANS recipes for Snow Ice cream and the kids LOVED IT!!!! My oldest girl wanted more!!!! Here are some pics of the snow and our Snow Ice cream!!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Continued SNOW Post!!!! Bad weather on its way!!!!

I know we have 18inches and up coming our way so if snowed in these are a few supplies that you should have on hand!!!!Canned and other non-perishable food we can eat without heating or that we can easily heat in the wood stove. Suggestions include cereal, granola bars, canned fruit, canned soup and beans, powered milk, nuts, etc. Throw in some chocolate if you want to be a hero. And if you have a baby who’s on formula, don’t forget to store some extra of that, or no one will be happy.
Manual can opener. Because your electric one isn’t going to do you much good when the power is out and using a knife can be a bit dangerous, I've found.
Matches and dry wood and kindling. Use only if you have a wood stove or fireplace, please.
Flashlights and extra batteries, and candles. Necessary only if you want to see your family members at night or if you want to avoid walking into furniture and walls.
Gallons of drinkable water.
Toilet tissue. No explanation needed, I hope.
Old-school NON-CORDLESS phone. This will allow you to have phone capabilities even if the power goes out and your cell phone doesn’t work. Of course, if phone lines go down, too, you're out of luck.
Battery-operated radio. Again, necessary only if you want to know what's going on in the world. Sometimes, I don't want to.
Several-days supply of important medications. For us, this includes children’s ibuprofen and Benadryl, because I do NOT want to experience H1N1 or an allergic reaction without pharmaceuticals.
Important phone numbers, such as who to call to report a power outage and your supervisor’s cell phone number. Maybe add your mother to the list if she worries like mine.
Plenty of extra blankets and quilts. Unless you prefer shivering. Your call.
Instant coffee. I once went four days without caffeine because of a blizzard. It wasn’t pretty.

Board games to keep family members from going crazy from boredom without Wii.
All this important info can be found at the site below!!!!

Continue reading on What you need when you're snowed in: Must-have home blizzard supplies - Denver Mountain Living |

Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Snow On The Way For us, And a Snow recipe!!!!

Good evening to you all. I have been watching the weather and ugggggg!!!!! More Snow on the way.................... I don't know about you but I'm OVER SNOW!!!! I like snow on Christmas time and then it can just go away!!!! I'M COLD!!!! I guess over the next three days where we live is supposed to get 10 inches of snow????? MAN, I don't think I'm ready, AGAIN!!!! So, we are going to make the best out of the situation and my kids and I and there grandma are planning on making SNOW ICE CREAM..... MADE WITH FRESH FALLEN SNOW AND SOME SIMPLE INGREDIENTS....

1 gallon snow

1 cup white sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

2 cups milk


1.When it starts to snow, place a large, clean bowl outside to collect the flakes. When full, stir in sugar and vanilla to taste, then stir in just enough milk for the desired consistency. Serve at once.
This is a recipe I got off of
I hope you all stay warm and have a nice rest  of your Sunday!!!!
             Big Prim Hugs Casey

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some valentines creations

 I hope you're all having a relaxing Sat. Boy its cold here!!!! I have been doing some going through some of my old decorations and crafts I've made over the years and thought I would post some of them for your enjoyment! Maybe to inspire........

 I took a old Annie doll and added some valentine elements out of boredom. I made a rusty wing angel, I got this Valentine heart from goodwill I do believe.
 The Hearts that are wrapped in tulle are store bought cookies dipped in smell good wax to preserve them!!!! I put them under my Valentine tree every year so that it looks like little Valentine packages under there!!!! I'm fixing to get my butt in gear and make a trip outta town to a hobby lobby, because I am "OUT" of craft supplies I can't really create anything new and it STINKS!!!! Hope you all have a nice weekend!!!!
                Big Prim Huggers Casey

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

100 Follower Giveaway Pic And Rules

Good morning to all of my fellow blogging friends! Here is my picture of my 100 follower Giveaway. I would like to thank all of you who stuck by me when I had no Internet and couldn't post for weeks and months! Our little circle of blogging friends is awesome! I'm offering this jar lamp that says " live well, laugh often", Love much". It has painted saltbox houses on it. It is a lamp and it needs a bulb. (don't have one in it). The little candle holder I made. Last there is a Primitive candle ring!!!! With cute little prim candles on it!!!! Good luck to all who enter and thank you!!!!
    Again rules are  1. Must be a follower, if not go over to my friend connect and sign up to be. I will check so that if I am not a follower already of your blog I will be! (So you should have a blog!!!!) 2. Post about my giveaway on your sidebar of your blog for 2 chances to win!!!!
                 I opened the giveaway yesterday and I will close the giveaway February 20th, 2011. Good luck to all who  enter!!!!
                                          BIG PRIM HUGS CASEY

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Giveaway time!!!! I have reached 100 followers!!!!

I will be having a giveaway because I have reached 100 followers!!!! That is so exciting to me. I love my followers!!!! I will post a picture of my giveaway tomorrow so check back!
Rules are simple- 1. Must be a follower! If your not go ahead and sign in to be one! I love new followers just as much! 2. If you post about my giveaway on your sidebar that's two entry's! 3. Must be within the u.s. states!!!! Sorry, with costs of s&h that's got to be!!!! So, 2 chances to win! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to do for Valentines Day????

Wow, I don't have a clue how I'm gonna decorate for valentines day? Let alone how to Prim Decorate for Valentines Day. I did do my Valentines Day Tree!!!! I used dried oranges, valentine prim tags, red striped torn fabric strips, and little muslin hearts a made. As for my tree I have not thought of much. Anyone have any ideas? I also made these LOVE letters and glittered them and the hearts. Its cold and snowy outside and I'm thinking of things to do to take those boring days indoors away!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friends and family are Gods Best Gift

I wanted to take a moment and shout out to my best buddies whom all helped me through tough times! Shannon, monica, Brad, my kids! I love you with all my heart!!!! I don't have a whole lot to talk about today so I thought telling your friends and family today that you love them would be a great start!!!! Big Prim Hugs Casey