Monday, June 28, 2010

Silicone dipped light bulb ideas

Dear prim buddies,
   I'm just taking a break from my crafting and cleaning to post! Its so nice out today I think I may wow! heeee! Well anyways I wanted to chat about some lovely ideas for these great little things!

 Idea #1. Silicone from wal-mart (mainstays) works great! But, have you ever dipped a Big bulb and it started smelling funny???? "Well I have!" So, I use this!!!! Automotive Silicone!!!!! Ta da!!!! It is made to withstand high heat!!!!

Idea #2. The color. Anyone getting tired with the plain color?
Try mixing OIL BASED PAINT with it! My favorites are brown and yellow mixed together!

Idea#3. Want your home to smell yummy? Add some oil to it!!!! The kind you use for your candle warmers or to freshen your pip berries!!!!
There are so many ideas out there but these are my favorites!!!!
Hope this helps!!!! Many prim hugs Casey

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