Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Primitive Homemade Goodies Swap!!!!

Hello to all my darling Prim Friends!!!! I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day with there Friends and Families!!!! We had a cookout with friends . Well, lets get to business! I would like anyone interested to join me in my Homemade Prim Swap! If you would like to join leave me a comment under this article of what you would like to swap and I will keep a running list of everybodys items up for grabs! You can then pick what you want from anyone if they agree and want your item also! (you have to both be in agreement!) lol  Hope this works! It will be fun! Pictures of your item can be sent to my email and I will then post your pic and your name on my blog! So advertisement for you!!!! THERE IS ONE CATCH TO BE PART OF THIS! LOL YOU MUST ADVERTISE MY BLOG AND THIS EVENT ON THE FRONT OF YOUR BLOG! THAT'S ALL FOLKS! I REALLY HOPE WE ALL HAVE FUN WITH THIS! THE SWAP WILL END JUNE 15TH 2010! I will then post all the info everyone will need to do there swaps with one another! Hugs Casey

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