Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day ideas

Good day to all of you! Welcome back to olde spoon river homestead's blogspot! I have here a memorial background pic you can choose to use on your computers wall paper for tomorrow. I am using it as my wall paper!

 Next, I have a craft for the kids! This is a rock and you can buy some paints and let the little ones make flag rocks for Memorial Day!

   Last, I have a kid-friendly recipe for Strawberries! Cute for Memorial Day and easy for the kids to help with!
   Ingredients needed are as follows
1. Fresh Strawberries
2. Cream cheese
   3. Sugar
4.Red and Blue candy sprinkles

Directions are as follows

 Take cream cheeses and sugar and mix with a blender or by hand until soft and dipable! Can add a bit of milk! Dip and Sprinkle! Its pretty simple! Like chocolate dipped strawberries only with cream cheese!!!!


  1. They look so delicious...I'll have to try them!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!!!